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Oncor CoolSaver

What is a CoolSaver Tune-Up?

This A/C Tune up program is a federal government mandate on energy providers designed to increase the efficiency of the energy grid. And it is 100% paid by the energy provider!

Your coolsaver tune-up,valued at up to $200,may include*:

  • Air Filter Replacement (Provided by customer)

  • Condenser coil, evaporator coil and blower cleaning

  • Measurement and correction of improper air flow

  • Refrigerant charge assessment

The Benefit Breakdown

Keeping your cooling system running safely and at peak performance requires occasional professional service. When the components of your A/C unit are dirty or worn out, causes the system to work harder and to cool less efficiently. 


Benefits of an easy, no cost Coolsaver tune-up include

  • Longer-lasting, better working equipment

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Greater efficiency and lower cooling cost

  • Improved comfort and humidity control

Valued at up to $200, the CoolSaver A/C Tune-up will be performed at no cost by "US" a participating contractor! Now that's a cool benefit!

How does it work?

During the CoolsSaver Tune-Up, your technician will:

  1. Measure indoor airflow and correct if needed

  2. Inspect filter and change or clean if dirty

  3. Clean outdoor condenser coil

  4. Inspect indoor coil and blower and clean if dirty

  5. Assess and make recommendations on refrigerant charge per manufacturer's specifications using digital refrigerant analyzer 

  6. Test air conditioner to verify how much cooling you're actually getting

Notice the difference between dirty coils and clean coils after a CoolSaver A/C Tune-up:


Who is Eligible?

Call us to find out if you qualify for a CoolSaver A/C Tune-Up. 

  1. If you are a residential customer

  2. Have a cooling capacity between 1.5-5 tons

  3. Is at least 1 year old

Customers who have received a CoolSaver A/C Tune-Up in the past 5 years are not eligible.

*Window units, geothermal, PTAC, and mini-splits are not eligible.

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